About the AGBC Chapter Heidelberg

The American German Business Club Chapter in Heidelberg is dedicated to the concept of NETWORKING, i.e. getting Americans and German together on a regular basis to meet, connect, give and ask for help and assistance.

It's members are diverse: from a variety of industries both small and large companies, subsidiaries of U.S. companies, or German companies with U.S. affiliations. In addition, professionals like lawyers, CPAs, bankers, consultants, financial advisors and engineers round off the pattern of membership.

For some members participating can simply be to improve their English, find perhaps another job, seek out a contacts or affiliation beyond the strict business content. These, too, are legitimate reasons for joining an participating.

Dealing with each other on this basis renders the opportunity to eliminate possible bias, to reduce stereotypical responses and to help build stronger ties with each others culture.

Potential members are encouraged to come see for themselves without obligation.

Address and Contact Info

American German Business Club Heidelberg e.V.

Barry Swanson
Karlstr. 20
69117 Heidelberg
Rachel Gribble
Membership Application:
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Board Of Officers

Barry Swanson
Charles Keene
Rachel Gribble
Vice President Programs:
Vice President Communications:
Marcia Huntington-Sell
Vice President Membership:
Dr. Tom D. Queiser
Vice President Legal Affairs:
Dr. Hartmut Schwarzkopf

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Contact Information

  • Association of
  • American-German
  • Business Clubs e.V.
  • Mainzer Landstraße 176
  • 60327 Frankfurt
  • Administrative Office:
  • Am Beckmannplatz 4
  • 53340 Meckenheim
  • Phone: 02225 - 70 444 15
  • Fax:   02225 - 70 34 999
  • national@agbc.de
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